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>> February 28, 2016

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Why did I Remove Chitika ( 2016)?

Be alert Indians! 

One is the company whose name is Chitika. From few months, I have added its ADs in my business education website. This website is just like big scam in Indian advertising market. It is taking free space from blog and websites but it does not pay anything. 
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Business Model of Big Social Networking Companies

>> December 19, 2015

All the big social networking companies are providing all services free to its users and you can think, it is doing social welfare activities. But it is your mistake. All big social networking companies are providing platform in a such a way that it can earn big profits in long run. I have my own profile in many social networking sites. From time to time, I learned these companies business model. If you are the student of business school, you should also learn these business models.
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Why is Rs. 1 Important Than Rs. 10,00,000

>> April 19, 2015

When anybody start any business, he or she does not give importance to his or her small money. That is reason, they lose their money. When we understand the importance of Rs. 1, we can make Rs. 10,00,000.
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How to Deal with Employee Excuses

>> April 18, 2015

I have faced lots of Doodle employees excuses in my business  whose list is following. I have removed from my team after 4 warning whether he is upper level or lower level. I think this is best deal with employee excuses.
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Business Test Online - Part 1

>> April 5, 2015

Welcome business education, we have come back from long time. From today, we are adding new section in business education. Its name is business test online. In its first part, we will give you some questions, you have to give its answer in yes and no.
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Level of Inflation has Decreased

>> January 17, 2014

After decreasing the prices in the retail market, wholesale market of India has decreased its level of inflation. inflation rate fell down and reached at 6.6%. In the Nov., it was 7.52%. All fruits and vegetables rates have decreased in the Indian market.
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Business Environment Ebook

>> January 15, 2014

Welcome business environment ebook. We have made this ebook for the students of B.Com, M.Com and MBA. Today is the time of technology. All most all the students have 3G mobile or tablet. It is sufficient to open this ebook. If you will study through your pc or laptop, it will be helpful for your eyes health. But decision is on your hand and terms of time and situation of place. But, our aim is to provide the business environment knowledge will be fulfilled at any time and any place through this ebook.
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Decrease in the Sale of Computer in World Market

2013 was the so bad year for computer manufacturing companies because sale of computers and laptop was decreased 10% due to the competition with tablet and smartphone.
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India is on 120th Rank of Economic Independence Index

These days, business freedom is increasing in Indian business market. But still, India is back from world business community. Two american organisations have published the Annual Economic Independence Index - 2014 in which India is on 120th rank.
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