Social Environment of Business

>> November 3, 2009

Meaning of Social Environment

Social or Societary environment of business means all factors which affects business socially . Every business works in a society , so societies ' different factors like family , educational institutions and religion affects
business .

Main elements Of Societies and its effect on Business

1. Family :- Family is basic part of society from the birth of a person and upto death , he lives in family so personal decision of buying and selling of goods are affects from family . In the culture of a family , it may happen that parent does not allow to use any product , then sale of such product will decrease , so businessman must analyze different families needs . Many occasion of family like marriage of any family member , can increase the demand of goods .
2. Educational institutions :- Educational institutions are also main part of societies . They provide good knowledge , education , awareness , thinking what should students buy or not to buy . Suppose if a student is habitual to drink the tea and if his teacher advice him that this is harmful to his health after his guidance students can avoid to drink tea after this the sale of tea will decrease .
3. Religion :- Like family and education institution , religion is also effects the business socially . Religion means the system in which group of persons trust in God . They believe that there is one supernatural power in this earth and its name is God . They gives many name like Ek onkar sat nam , om and many more etc. Different religions have different principles , rules and regulations in which they sacrifice to use some products and to eat some food , in Hindu religion , they never use leather products . They affects the sale of leather industries . So, businessman must analyse the targeted audience and after listening their religious thoughts , he should produce the goods .


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