Business Ethics

>> January 6, 2014

Definition of Business Ethics

Business ethics means to follow the morality. In business ethics, we first differentiate what is right and what is wrong in the business? To use only right things in the business will be ethics. 

Explanation of Business Ethics

Business ethics is very helpful if we have to grow our business. It is based on two great principles, one is truth and other is honesty. If any businessman is doing his business on truth, it means, he is following business ethics. What he is saying about his product, his product must be same as his explanation about his product. There will not be any difference between his words and reality of his products. Second, he will be honest regarding his business dealing. He will not cheat anybody. He should be honest in his business commitment.  

Business’s aim should not only earn the money because business ethics remembers us the social responsibility. 

It is ethics, if business will come for social welfare. Lots of children do not go to school. Business community should together for making free school for such poor community.

Business ethics gives the great knowledge to business community. Businessmen must not spread corruption by giving bribe to govt. officer for doing work against laws. It will grow business short period but in the long period, business will become bankrupt because corruption and bribe is against law and justice. As per true justice, such businessmen will get punishment. 

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