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Definition of Marketing

Marketing includes all activities for transferring goods from producer to consumers. Its main aim is to sell and satisfy the consumers. Today, market’s king is consumer. So, marketing provides you good technique to handle customers. Marketing’s best technique is marketing mix. Marketing mix has four P

1. Product which is made by producer must be made quality basis.

2. Price is fixed by market but marketer should take low price than market for increasing of sale.

3. Promotion is done by advertising; it must be used at proper time for target audience.

4. Placement is relating to distribution activities, marketer should reach by proper channel of distribution.

 Features/ Nature of Marketing Orientation:-

1. Consumers

Consumers are the king of market and all salesmen who want to sell goods to consumers, should create good relationship with consumer and also solve their problems for enhancing the product branding in market.

2. Organizational Capability

Before marketin…