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Tally.ERP 9 - Part 69

This is the 69th part of Tally.ERP 9, with this, you will learn to create payslip in tally.erp 9. Payslip is automatically created. You just create the employee ledger, pay head and salary detail in payroll info. After this, you have to pass payroll voucher entry. After this, you just go to display, then go to payroll reports. In payroll reports, you see payroll statements and in statement, you will find payslip. You can print it or export.

How to Start Book Selling Business in India

There is 100% chance of your success in book selling business if you love books, if you like books and reading book is your hobby. Because you can tell other more clearly, what is in the books, what is the benefit of reading books? So, you can grow your customers. If you are interested to start book selling business in India, we have given some useful tips for you because we have already sell lots of books in India. So, we think, our given tips will be helpful for you.

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