Level of Inflation has Decreased

>> January 17, 2014

After decreasing the prices in the retail market, wholesale market of India has decreased its level of inflation. inflation rate fell down and reached at 6.6%. In the Nov., it was 7.52%. All fruits and vegetables rates have decreased in the Indian market.
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Business Environment Ebook

>> January 15, 2014

Welcome business environment ebook. We have made this ebook for the students of B.Com, M.Com and MBA. Today is the time of technology. All most all the students have 3G mobile or tablet. It is sufficient to open this ebook. If you will study through your pc or laptop, it will be helpful for your eyes health. But decision is on your hand and terms of time and situation of place. But, our aim is to provide the business environment knowledge will be fulfilled at any time and any place through this ebook.
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Decrease in the Sale of Computer in World Market

2013 was the so bad year for computer manufacturing companies because sale of computers and laptop was decreased 10% due to the competition with tablet and smartphone.
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India is on 120th Rank of Economic Independence Index

These days, business freedom is increasing in Indian business market. But still, India is back from world business community. Two american organisations have published the Annual Economic Independence Index - 2014 in which India is on 120th rank.
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>> January 13, 2014

I can easily explain the meaning of organisation in very clear and simple words because I am operating many organisation which are either charitable or business from many years.
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5 Tips for e-Commerce Business

>> January 11, 2014

I am doing e-commerce business from 4 years. In starting, I do not know its a,b and c but after sometime, I learned it and like offline business, it needs to care. It also need the investment for buying domain name, hosting service and products which we have to sell.
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Branches of Commerce

>> January 9, 2014

Commerce is just like a tree. Following are its main branches.
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>> January 8, 2014

Sale or exchange of goods and services is an necessary feature of business. In the procedure of sale or exchange, goods pass through different stages till these are lastly used or consumed by the customers, the last connection in the series from manufacturer to customer. The procedure which fills the space between producers and consumers is identified as commerce. All activities which eliminate the gap between the producer and consumers are recognized as commercial activities. It facilitates the allocation of goods and services among the consumers.
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Business Ethics

>> January 6, 2014

Definition of Business Ethics

Business ethics means to follow the morality. In business ethics, we first differentiate what is right and what is wrong in the business? To use only right things in the business will be ethics. 
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Marketing Management

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What are the Limitations of Business?

There are lots of limitations of business which you should understand if you are starting your own business. To study these limitations is not for fearing and withdrawing your feet from business but to study these limitations is necessary for bringing new innovation for removing these limitations.
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7 Objectives of Business

>> January 3, 2014

There are lots of objectives of business. All the persons who start the business, have the unique objectives. They do all the business activities because they have to achieve these objectives. If you do not know the list of these objectives, we are writing these objectives. Hope, you will include it in your business's objectives list.
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What are the branches of Business

>> January 2, 2014

Following are the main branches of Business.
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Sitemap of Business Education

>> January 1, 2014

Following is the sitemap of business education which has been classified on the basis of months in each year.
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About Business

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What is Business History?

Business history means the history of business. In this history, we see when business was started by human being. In human development, business has its own role. When human being has learned some skills. He started to sell it on the basis of barter system. In barter system, business was very simple. If anybody will give any product or service to other, he will get the product and service in this consideration. For example, a businessman sold the wheat for getting the vegetables. In this history of business, business was only limited upto local area.
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