Why did I Remove Chitika ( 2016)?

>> February 28, 2016

Be alert Indians! 

One is the company whose name is Chitika. From few months, I have added its ADs in my business education website. This website is just like big scam in Indian advertising market. It is taking free space from blog and websites but it does not pay anything. 

Today, I have opened its account. Its account is showing impressions 45060. But zero earning. So, I have removed its code from my this website. If you are Indian. Stop it. It does not pay anything to anybody. 

Following are the Main Reasons of Removing Chitika Ads from my website.

1. It is taking free advertising space without giving any earning.

I have added chitika by getting review online. Now, I understood, all were paid reviews which were given by the employees of chitika. Chitika has plan to getting free advertising space without giving any earning to any Indian. 

2. Same space, we can use for my other products ads.

Instead of giving its space to Chitika, we can use same space for promoting our own products. 

3. It is wasting my time.

It is just wasting of time on this ads network. You will see and it is showing zero. What is now its need?

4. It is showing false presentation regarding zero valid clicks. 

I think, it is showing false presentation regarding zero valid clicks. For example, you have done hard work for writing great contents. You have shown ads. It has already taken money from advertisers and misbehavior with its partner network by showing false zero valid clicks. What can you do? So, better is remove it. 

5. There is no support to Indians.

It does not provide any support to Indians. 

6. If it still did not pay anything, it never be the source of earning. So, all should remove its code immediately. 

When anything is not productive for your publishing business model. You must remove it and use other. This is good quality of any online publisher. 


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