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Social Responsibility of Business and Points in Favour and Against of it

Meaning of Social Responsibility of Business

Social responsibility is the duty of businessman to help the society to solve its major problems . Every enterprise is fully connected with society . He takes many things from society in the form of raw material ,
 work from employees and also pollute environment of society. After this , many social problems rise due to pollution . So businessman's prime duty is to support in the form of plantation near the area of factory providing free health facilities to employees and also donate some part of profit for welfare of poor community to uplift them . These days trends shows that almost all companies are taken steps for becoming responsible toward society .

Arguments in favour of social responsibility :-

1. To increase reputation of society :-

Businessman sells the goods to the customers and customers are the social person .If businessman is responsible towards society , then he can increase his reputation in society . This is the one of most important argument that after providing good quality of goods at lower price and providing other free facilities to customers , business can grow his business.

2. Business legal obligations :-

Some law are made in India to reduce population . So businessman must follow these rules and regulations and after this he can save from government penalties . According to this argument businessman should come forward for doing social work. After this he can respect the law .

3. More Public expectation from business :-

In the modern time it may be argued that businessman should fulfil the expectation of public . Businessman gets raw material from very low cost and after producing he sells at very high cost . So it is the duty of businessman to share his some profit in the form of donation.

4. Business has useful resource

Many wise person from society gives argument that business has skill , experience and money resources and innovation mind . If these resources are used to solve social problem , then society can rich with in some year .

5. Better Environment from business

If a business gives good working condition to employee then it will provide better environment for business . How will it possible.

Good facility in factory and provide high wages to labourer

will reduce the absenteeism

will reduce labourer turnover

will reduce labourer crime.

Argument against Social responsibility

1. Cost of social work

Business has already limited resource. So , if it is used in social work then business activity may slow and business's expenses will increase and it will affected business inversely.

2. Businessman is not expert in social work :-

Businessman is not expert in social work . Because he has not done MSW . Master of social work is higher qualification for doing social work and fulfilling social responsibility as social and moral agent . So , without perfect knowledge , business should not do any social activity but concentrate only on his business .

3. Social responsibility is not legal responsibility :-

Some businessman argue that social responsibility is not legal responsibility , no one pressure on business man to give donation under any law .

4. International competition

One of important argument is given by Indian businessman that they have to face international competition . After adopting some social responsibility , it will increase the prices of their product and after competition our business will fail and foreign companies will win in competition.

5. Ignore Business Aim :-

It is the duty of Govt. to do that social activities and if a businessman ignore his business aim and start social activities , then after ignoring business aim businessman can succeed in business.


In very brief , we can give the conclusion of this debate that business should concentrate on business activities but also do social activities which promote the business. He can give small amount of donation and provide good services to employee and society .

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