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Advertising and its Strategy

Advertising and Strategy which is Used in Advertising

Simple Definition of Advertising

Advertising is a technique in which company promote his sale without existence of any person. Advertisement is contract between advertiser and advertising companies. Advertiser pays money to advertising company. Advertising company uses his resource for showing the ads to public places. It is impersonal presentation of message of advertisers.

Following is the example of Ads

Come at Shop No. 4201  and  Buy garments at 50% discount

Above ads can be shown in banner for or can be distributed in pamphlet form.

Big company has its own department and its name is advertising department. This department manages ads of company.

Strategy which is used in Advertising

1. Setting the advertising objectives

First of all, fix the objectives of advertising. Following are the three objectives of advertising

a) Information : Provide information of new product

b) Position of the Brand : Position the brand in the minds of buyers

c) Reminding : Just remind to buy again

2. Setting the Advertisement Budget

You also set the advertisement budget . It should not be very high or very low. But it should be optimum. After seeing stage of life of product cycle and competitors policy, we should decide minimum amount for advertisement.

3. Setting of advertisement message

Advertisement message should be creative, attractive. It must not make false claims.

4. Setting the media

a) Newspaper

+ point : Flexible, good for local market advertisement

- point : Short life

b) TV

+point: High attention, long life

- point :  High cost

c) Radio

+ point : flexibility, large coverage, less cost

- point : lower attention

d) Magazines

+point : Quality reproduction

- point : some waste circulation

e) Brochures

+ Point : flexibility, full control

- point : over production

f) Telephone

+ point : Personal touch

- high cost

5. Evaluation the effect of advertising

a) Check the effect on sale

Try to check its effect on sale if sale has been increased due to this, it means advertising is successful otherwise change the budget, media or message .

b) Check the effect of communication

We also have to check the effect of advertising on communication.



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