Analyzing Consumer Market and Buyer Behavior

>> May 6, 2010

Q: What is  consumer behavior? What are main factors affecting consumer behavior and what are the stages or steps of buying decision process?

Definition of Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior is the study of all factors which affect consumer's buying decision. It is the technique to analyze the psychology of consumer. It is very helpful for selling the products to all consumers and satisfy them. In simple words, with the study of consumer behavior, you can know:

a) When will our consumer buy the goods? - To know the correct time

b) Why will he buy the goods?  - Know the need of consumer

c) How will he buy the goods?  - Process of buying

d) Where will he buy the goods? - Place

Factor affecting consumer's behavior

1. Cultural factors

Culture affects consumer behavior very deeply. Following are the main components of cultural factors.

i) Nationality

Consumer buying decision is affected by nationality of consumer. Need of Indian consumer is different from need of USA consumers

ii) Religion

There are many religion In India. We can not do marketing of drinks for Hindu religious persons, because their behavior is affected by their religion. There religion teach them not to drink alcohols.

2. Social Factors

Consumer's behavior is also affected with many social factor whose list, we can make in following way

a) Reference group

friends, relatives, neighbours, co-workers and classmates

b) Family

father, mother, sister and brother

c) Role and status

peon,  clerk and manager

3. Personal Factors

Age of person, his stage in life cycle and his personal occupation also effect his behavior. Children age is age of fun and they can demand education and fun products. After marriage, young couple can demand house for living but at the old age, you can demand health products.

4. Psychological factors

Following are the psychological factors which affects consumer's behavior.

a) motivation b) love c) morality d) security of body e) security of employment

Steps Of Buying Decision Process

1st Step

To Identify the need of Product

This is the first step of buying decision process in which marketer estimates consumer's need of products. Consumer can buy the product for satisfying his basic and other needs.

2nd Step

Collection of Information

After this, consumer will search for buying best product, he can search on Internet or can take help of friends, neighbours and newspapers for find quality product.

3rd Step

Evaluation of Alternatives

After this, buyer will evaluate all alternatives from where he can buy the product. He will choose the best alternative for buying the product.

4th Step

Purchase decision

In this step, buyer buys the product by physically going to market or by giving the order online.

5th Step

Post Purchase Behavior

After purchasing, buyer uses the product and shows his behavior by following ways

a) He is satisfied from the product

c) He is not satisfied from product


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