Sales Force Management

>> May 3, 2010

What is Sales Force Management? What is its Importance? What are the steps of Process of Sales Force Management in modern Marketing? Tell the Winning Tips of Sales Team?

Definition of Sales Force Management

Sales force management is one work of personnel department. Personnel manager recruits, selects and trains salesmen and sales personnel. Sales force is nothing but the team who are involved in sales related activities. Sales force management means decisions relating to sales team. Right person should be appointed at right place, at right time and he should do right working in sales field of company. In marketing, if sales force will be perfect, relation can be created with others.

Importance of Sales Force Management

  1. It is helpful to make good sales personnel policies.
  2. Job analysis of salesmen.
  3. Good relation with sales force.
  4. Reduction the personal selling cost.
Steps of sales force management process

1st Step

Determination the sales force objectives

Before creating sales force management, it is very important that fix one or all of following objectives

a) Sales Volume : How much will the sale team has to sell in specific time?  - Sales target

b) Market Share:  %  of total share of market for a product.

c) Profit: To increase ROI

2nd Step

Determination of Sales force size

It is affected with need of organisation and cost of per sales man. Over loading and under loading of sales team will be misuse of money.

3rd Step

Recruitment and Selection

a) Recruitment is the list of qualified applicants of sales men.

b) Selection : Choose the best sales team.

4th Step

Training of Sales Team

a) What to teach? - About the company and its product.

b) Whom to teach? - New Salesmen

c) Where to teach? - On job or off job.

d) How to teach ? By expert.

5th Step

Compensating the Sales persons:

{*} Basic salary + Incentive + other Commission and allowance and TA

6th Step

Motivating salesmen

By job security + opportunity of promotion + award + reward

7th Step

Determination the area of salesmen

a) on geographical basis

b) on basis of distance travelled

8th Step

Controlling and evaluation the sale force performance:

Salesman's performance can be evaluated on the following basis

a) average no. of calls per day

b) average sales per customer

c) no. of new customer order

d) average gross profit per customer

Winning Tips for managing sales team

1. Selecting best salesmen

According to object of company, company has to make some minimum standard for clearing the interview by a new fresher who wants to become salesman. Following are best questions for talking or taking interview from new candidate:

a) How do you feel about talking strangers?

b) What is your opinion of salesman in general?

2. Motivation

If you want to get performance from salesmen, it is your duty to motivate them daily.

3 Stories of successful salesman of the world.

It is good to make Strong salesmen. With telling the story of great and successful salesmen, new salesmen can easily learn that for becoming successful salesman, he or she has to face failure , but he or she will not loose courage. After this, he or she can easily become successful businessman like me.


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