Product Life Cycle

>> May 9, 2010

Product life cycle shows the different stages in which it lives his life just as human being. A human being enjoys childhood, youth age and old age and after this, it is sure he will die. Same thing happens with all products. Product life cycle has four parts. In first stage introduction, second stage is stage of growth, third is the stage of maturity and in the end stage is decline. After this, value of product is totally dropped from market due to invention of new product. We can portray its sketch on the graph paper. Its shape will be bell shape.

Its strategies are divided in Four stages according to life of product.

Ist Stage

Introduction stage of Product life cycle

First stage of plc is called introduction stage. In this stage, product is newly developed and launched in the market. Because, consumer does not know about this product earlier, so its marketing is very difficult. Marketer has to teach the consumers about its benefits and its advance facilities . For new product's introductory stage, marketer can take the market with marketing skimming strategy or marketing penetration strategy. One more feature of this stage that company sale will be low.

2nd Stage

Growth stage of Product life cycle

In this stage, consumer knows the product because he has taken past experience after purchasing it at introductory stage. So, sale will increase. In this stage, company can increase the price for getting old promotion and advertising cost. Company can pay more on advertising for developing product brand image in the minds of consumers. In this stage company's profit will also rise.

3rd Stage


At this stage product life cycle, our sale reaches at highest level. Product is become well known in the market. In this stage, we have to decrease our price for taking maximum part of product and defeating market competitors. Company can offer special discount to dealer for selling fast before reaching it declining stage.

4th Stage

Decline Stage

At this stage, sales fall very sharply. No more new customer wants to buy it . At this stage, company can offer public to switch to his new advance product. Company can take milk from brand name without any new advertising cost.


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