How to Start a Company

>> August 15, 2011

Companies Offices

If you want to start a business, company or corporate type organisation, it is best option for you because with this, your liability will be limited and your personal properties will not be used for payment of company's liabilities. But to start a company is not very easy task because you have to think many things for starting a company. All these things are its main steps which you should read in following lines

1st Step : Fix the Aim 

Before starting the company, you should fix your aim what will be the aim of your company. Whether it will sell products or produce. Whether it will provide services or operate on service of others. What will be your company's product. Is it suitable according to your business idea. Will it give benefit to others long time. All these things should be decided in advance.

2nd Step : Planning of Company's Business

In the planning of company's business, you should take major decisions like production planning, marketing planning and human resource planning.

3rd Step: Calculate the estimated cost of Company's project

For starting a company, you need high amount of capital for establishing production plants, marketing stores and buying machines and equipment. Good estimation of cost of project will help you to manage that money better way. If you do mistake in this step, there is big risk, your business will fail at the starting time because low amount of paid up capital will not fulfill your wrong estimation of cost of company's project. Then you will take loan at high rate of interest which will decrease your return on investment.

4th Step : Planning for Legal Incorporation

Company is association of persons which is formed and credited under company law. You have to make its planning. Whether you company will be public company or private company. Whether your company will be MNC form or domestic type. You have to register your company to registrar of companies with memorandum of association and article of association. You have to get certificate of incorporation and certificate of commencement of business.


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