How to Start Hotel Business in India

>> August 18, 2011

Hotel business is that business in which your customers come to your office. They eat the food and give money for your food and service. So, in this business, you provide both service and product. If you are interested to start your hotel business in India, my first suggestion to you is that you must open vegetarian hotel. One side, it is profitable and other side, it is also helpful for nature because it reduce global worming, water problem and balance in nature. Now study its steps

1st Step : Investment Decisions

First of your main investment is of place where you have to establish the hotel. For this, you have to decide whether you will operate hotel on own place or rented place. This decision is affected by many factors. Do you have capital to buy own place? Do you want to start this business as test? Which is most profitable according to the situation?

2nd Step : Place Related Decisions

Place should be peaceful but movement of general public should be at large scale for the successful in beginning. You can also decide to choose where there are many other hotels. It will be helpful to you to find customer more fastly without any advertising.

3rd Step : Timing Related Decisions 

Morning time is very important. You should get up early in the morning in this business because you can earn big amount from breakfast of customers.

4th Step : Purchasing of Raw Material 

You technique of buying raw material should be technical. You should not buy material at large quantity because during the recession, your raw material may be damaged.

5th Step : Facilities

It is better for you if you do MBA in hotel management. With this education, you can enhance your skills to promote this business.  


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