Political Environment of Business

>> September 1, 2011

Political environment is the mixture of the environment of legislature, executive and judiciary. In legislature and executive of Govt. decide the different work of nation. Judiciary sees whether it is legal or illegal. It is continue changing. As a businessman you should watch it. You can see the changes in the political environment with the help of media. Media shows the updates of politics. These days, Indian corruption is on the top of politics. You can  watch and also analyze its effect on your business.

Political environment also affects business with different business laws. These laws controls all the activities of business. In India, there are lots of laws which has been made by Indian Govt. In these laws, we can add company law 1956 and Factory act 1948. For controlling stock exchanges, Govt. has made SEBI. For controlling banking business, Govt. has made RBI.


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