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SWOT analysis

Meaning of SWOT Analysis 

SWOT analysis means strength, weakness, opportunities and threat analysis. In this analysis, first of company identify its strength and weaknesses. On this identification, company finds its opportunities and future threats. This analysis is very useful for planning and decision making. If any organisation finds its all strengths and weaknesses correctly, it is very easy to make a plan which will be helpful for getting opportunities and reducing future risks.

Example of SWOT Analysis 

I can give SWOT Analysis example of my organisation. I started my organisation from Jan. 2008. Now, it is reaching its 4th year. Just 2 months after, it will be of 4 years. In this time, I find many my strengths and weakness through SWOT analysis which I am sharing with you.

1. I write what I know. This is my strength. So, I can find more opportunity if I will start to know more things and then write it myself. Yes, I am trying  myself to know everything in my field.

2. My main weakness is that I do not know what are my weaknesses. So, when these weaknesses happens, I  also faces loss. But, I started new way to find my known weaknesses. One of best way is for me to read and listen what are people are saying about me in my comment box or in my inbox. I am personally thankful all of them.

SWOT Analysis Template 

Following SWOT Analysis Template will be helpful for business organisation for making good SWOT Analysis






1. Fund

 Company has enough
fund for investment
Company can start new
projects or develop new project with this fund
No enough fund  Company can face the
risk for repayment of past loan.

2. ROI
Company is gaining high
Return on C Product.
Company can develop that C
Company's D product has
low return.
Company may suffer loss on
D Product.

3. Innovation

If company works with
innovation approach, it will be the strength of company
Company can take the share
of other company who is not enough innovative.
If company do not care
enough on innovation, it can become the major weakness of company
Company can lose the share
of market due to lack of innovation.

4. Product Life

If company's product life
is very high, it is very one of best strength of company.

Company can make it as
brand of company because it will reduce the cost of customer for buying
new product soon.
If company's product life
is very less, it is the weakness of company.

Company can lose its brand
due to this weakness in the market.

5. Confidence If its all employees have
confidence, it is big strength of company.
Company can get more
efficiency from this confidence. 
If company's employees
have no confidence, it is the weakness of company.
Company may face big cost
of training for increasing confidence of employees.



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