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How to Start Independent Business

Yesterday night one of my friend came to me for getting advice for starting his independent business. He told me that he tired from job and now, he wants to start his independent online business. I told him that it is good. In my advice, I told him some tips for starting independent business which I am sharing in business education.

Why am I writing this Content? 

I am writing this content because I have already worked in more than 20 jobs. In end, I have to say that business is better than job. So, by writing my content, I want to motivate the young who have ability but due to the border of job, they are not using their ability. So, all these young blood should start their own independent business for Indian development.

1. Know Your Deep Interest 

My friend has told me that he has been doing his job for 10 years. Now, he want to do his business. I told him that before starting the independent business, ask himself whether he is deep interested or not. Same thing, I want to tell to you, if you want to start independent business after leaving your current job, you also ask same question from yourself. Are you really interested in doing business or it is just your feeling due to hurt by some one in the feeling. We normally see when your boss say to you something or you are not getting reward of your hard work in the office, you can take decision in hurry. Ask three question from your heart: If your questions' answer will match with my given answer, you should start your own business.

Q:- a Why do You  want to start your independent business?

Ans. It was my childhood dream. I want to do business for more work and for better work. Jobs are just the way to get experience for becoming perfect in my business. Now, I have confident that I can stand on my foot by starting my own independent business.

Q:- b. Did you not Get Chance for fulfillment your innovation in Job?

Ans. Yes, this is true. I want to spend my 24 hours in the work in which I am interested. I think, only this, I can create best  and unique product with my innovative ideas. In last, 10 years, my deep interest have slept and from today, I am interested to start my new life as businessman. I love all my employees, boss and company. All are my great motivator. That is reason, I want to start my independent business.

Q:- c Are you running from your job duty due to laziness?

Ans. No, sir, check my job record. Ask from my each boss. I am not lazy. I do not see day and night. My job duty is my devotion to God.  I am not running from my job.

Reality is  that 

i) I want to do more work than my duty time but company is not taking this overtime duty.

ii) I have lots of ideas with this, I can bring happiness in all my employees and my customers and company but company is not interested to get this idea from me.

iii) I want to get reward on the basis of my performance but company is still using the old formula of seniority for promotion.

2. Tolerance Power 

Ok, I think, you have passed first step for starting independent business. Now, next step will be more challenge for you. Do, you think, you will tolerate all the risks of business. In simple words, business operates on the basis of risk and reward. More you will take risk and more you will get reward. Did you have increased your tolerance power during the job. For example, if you have paid Rs. 5000 for internet and Rs. 20,000 for staff salary per month in the beginning of business. Can you pay same for one year without getting any actual income online. These are just example of two expenses, there are lots of expenses in the business, have you power to survive all the expenses without gaining from your independent business. We are not talking in the air. We are talking with sincerity. Can you feed your family without job and how long, you can survive. This is the important question. But I think, with the co-operation and co-ordination of family member, I think, you can easily solve this.

3. Consumption of Time

Online business is the smarter way business. Many new and start up companies has obtained success in their new independent business. So, there is not need of large number of money investment. But consumption of time is important in it. For example, I have started this content for motivating to you. For reach at this point, I spent my one hour. I am not doing a business but I just want to tell that when I am spending my one hour just for my voluntarily work for promoting free education, then you can think about your given time. Yes, we have to spend more time than your job duty time. You have not to see day and night. Your business is to create a big idea which can change the life of your customer. You have to make a product which will increase the productivity of your future customer. Can you donate your whole 24 hours time for creating that idea? Can you give your whole 24 hours for welfare of your customer. If yes, I am fully confident, your started independent business will give a big reward to you.

4. Cost Related Decision 

You have spent your 24 hours for creating your great idea and making great product. Now, it is the time to sell it. On what price will you give it to your customer? If your price will be less than from market price of related product, you can start its business. If you are unable, then you need not start your independent business. For example, I am writing this content from more than one hour. I want also its reward. I have show donation box right side just below the subscription box. But I am not beggar. I need not your donation for my personal need. God has given me enough.   I am donating for the welfare of other. If I have to become beggar for the welfare of other, I am ready to become beggar. So, my real reward is your happiness and your progress. Like me, you can start your own independent business for providing your quality products at very cheap cost.

In end, my best wishes with you, I hope you will follow my given tips and you will get success in starting your own independent business.

Colin Powell  has written in his book,

"There are no secrets to successful business. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."

touch the sky of success

Please share this content to your friend who wants to start his own independent business. I think, it will be your great support to your friend.


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