7 Objectives of Business

>> January 3, 2014

There are lots of objectives of business. All the persons who start the business, have the unique objectives. They do all the business activities because they have to achieve these objectives. If you do not know the list of these objectives, we are writing these objectives. Hope, you will include it in your business's objectives list.

1. To Earn the Profit 

To earn the profit is the first and  common objective of business. I am also operating my ecommerce business. I do hard work. I go to outside the city for buying goods. I take the risk because I have to earn the profit. With this profit, I can promote my business at large scale.

2.  To Satisfy the Customer 

To satisfy the customer is also objective of a business. We know, we get earning from our customer. If he is not satisfying from our goods or service, he will surely decrease our goodwill. So, for  long run, we have to satisfy our customer. My eCommerce business's aim is also satisfy the customer. If any product breaks in the delivery, I am always ready to refund my customer's money  because I think, I have no right to take money  through cheating. Sometime, I have given some free gifts to my customer. I love my customer and I do not give up my single customer at any time. I always ready to listen the query of my customer. I think, if I will solve the problem of my customer, I can give satisfaction to my customer.

3. To Follow New Techniques 

Business will success if it will follow new techniques. So, all businessmen should keep it in the objectives of business list. I am also keep it in my ecommerce business objectives' list. I have operating ecommerce website. Today people are going to mobile and table. So, I am thinking to make my pc website to be responsive to mobile and tablet. For this, I have to high mobile site developer. I have to talk with him. I am also interested to carry my ecommerce site to dedicated service whose cost is Rs. 10000 to Rs. 15000 per month but I hope, it will help to open my ecommerce website more fastly like any other international ecommerce websites. Like me, you should also make the list what to do to promote your business with technology adoption. Because it will increase the value of your business.

4. To Give Employment to Unemployed 

It should also be the objective of business. Business earn money from people. If he will give employment to unemployed, it is sure, these unemployed also buy the goods and services from same business. So, with this, business will grow day by day and business can fulfill his social responsibility also. There is big network of an employed person. When business will give job, he will start mouth marketing of this business. So, more people will attach to your business.

5. To Sell the Goods at Proper Price 

Every business should sell the goods at proper price. Sometime, businessman may be in monopoly position, at that time, he should not take benefit of this market situation because if he will increase price in a such situation, it will decrease the goodwill in long run. Customers will not trust on such business.

6. To Give Proper Return to Investor

Sometime, business needs money. He can take the money from investors. At that time, business should give proper return to investors on their investment. Because without capital, business can not grow, so investors are the capital supplier, business should not ignore them.

7. To Use the Natural  Resources Proper Way 

There are lots of natural resources which is used by a business. It should be the objective of business that it should use these resources proper way. Never waste any natural resource. Never waste water. Never waste electricity. Never waste land just for keeping waste. Recycle waste as soon as fastly. 

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