Level of Inflation has Decreased

>> January 17, 2014

After decreasing the prices in the retail market, wholesale market of India has decreased its level of inflation. inflation rate fell down and reached at 6.6%. In the Nov., it was 7.52%. All fruits and vegetables rates have decreased in the Indian market.

This wholesale inflation is the lowest in the last 5 months. There may be lots of decreasing the inflation in the wholesale market but main reason is the good winter season. Production is enough. Now, there is no need to increase the interest of loan by RBI in next 28th feb. 2014. Loan will be costly if the inflation will increase but now, the situation is just opposite. All most all the products prices have decreased and there is no need to in add more percentage in the current rate of interest for issuing loan.

After getting the report of wholesale index, there is the chance of decreasing the interest rates. All most all the industrial organisation of India want to decrease interest rate, so that they can get loan at cheap rates.

PHD Chamber's president Sharad Jaipuria has requested to reduce the Bank Repo rate and develop the current economy of India. 

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