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I can easily explain the meaning of organisation in very clear and simple words because I am operating many organisation which are either charitable or business from many years.

Meaning of Organisation 

Organisation is the group of people who are joined for some purpose. They do work together for achieving their common objectives.

Organisation word has take the organisation of body. All the organs are doing their duty but they have deep co-ordination in each other. Like this, in the organisation, there are lots of department and lots of managers. They are doing their duty but if there is co-ordination and team spirit, then, this will be the organisation in real sense.

There two main types of organisation. 

1. Charitable Organisation

2. Business organisation

Structure of Organisation 

Structure of organisation may be committee type or matrix or pyramids type. There is big need of organisation structure because of doing all managerial work properly.

History of Organisation 

Organisation had started when human being thought about to divide big work in to small parts. Each part should be done by experts With division of labor, labor organisation came into existence.

There are also some group of people who want to earn money through investing in large business. So, they started to buy shares of corporate organisation and became shareholders. 

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Objective of Business Environment

Following are main objectives of business environment:
1. Knowledge of Information 
By studying the business environment, we can know the changes of business. This information is very useful for our business. Every businessman should aware current environment of business. With this, he can think the future of his business in such environment. 
2. Basis of Decisions 
One of main objective of the study of business environment that it can provide all the information which is needed for taking good decisions. Suppose, you completed your internal business environment study. With this study, you can take decision relating to purchase, sale, salary and price because you know your competitor, you know your suppliers and you know your customers. 
3. Helpful in making of Policies 
For making good business policies, we need to know and scan business through business environment. 
4. Technological Planning 
Today, technology is changing very fastly. 3 years ago, I have to search software for downloading …

Limitation of Business Environment Analysis

Following are main limitation of business environment analysis:

1. Unexpected and Unanticipated Events 

We can not tell unexpected and unanticipated events in business environment analysis. Sometime, business has to face unexpected happenings. So, there will no benefit of business environment in these cases.

2. No sufficient Guarantee

Business environment analyst does not give any guarantee whether all events will happen as per estimation in business environment.

3. Uncritical Faith 

Sometime data may be incorrect. So, decisions on basis of these analysis may be risky for business.

4. To much information

Sometime too much information relating to business environment analysis will create the doubt in businessmen.

Technological Environment

Definition of Technological Environment :-

“Technological Environment means the development in the field of technology which affects business by new inventions of productions and other improvements in techniques to perform the business
 work. "