How to Deal with Employee Excuses

>> April 18, 2015

I have faced lots of Doodle employees excuses in my business  whose list is following. I have removed from my team after 4 warning whether he is upper level or lower level. I think this is best deal with employee excuses.

1. Employee : I didn’t have time to do your work.

I : Sorry, I have no money for you.

2. Employee : Today, My relatives are coming, so, I will not come.

I : Sorry, My new employee is coming. Please never come to my office. I think, your relative is coming for giving you job promotion. So, never delay to get this great opportunity.

3. Employee : Today, I will help my uncle in his business.

I : Sorry, I will also help to other unemployed employee. So, never come here. Just go to promote your uncle's business. Do this social work full time.

4.Employee : Today is raining. I will not come in the office.

I : Sorry, I need not your service in future, because from past salary, you are wasting but did not buy great asset umbrella for your business. When you can not manage your money better, how can manage my business money better. So, get out. I was also employee before businessman and raining was never my barrier for my job which I love.

5. Employee : Today, I have fever. My health is not good. So, I will not come.

I : Sorry, never come tomorrow. I need not the patients. From 20 years, fever is fearing from me because I have followed strict health rules. If you learn, just come as student. I will teach one hour and you have to do my work 7 hours free of cost.

6. Employee : Today, I have to clean my home. So, I will not come.

I : Sorry, dear, now, I do not need your service. My business is my temple. Before cleaning my home, I first clean my business office. If you do not think, your job office as your temple and prefer your home. Just clean your home all the time. Good bye.  


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