Why is Rs. 1 Important Than Rs. 10,00,000

>> April 19, 2015

When anybody start any business, he or she does not give importance to his or her small money. That is reason, they lose their money. When we understand the importance of Rs. 1, we can make Rs. 10,00,000.

If you think, your Rs. 1 is less important than Rs. 10,00,000, you will never get success in your business. Because first Rs. 1 invested in the business will be base of your business. By your negative thinking, never weak your base of business building.

I think, Rs. 1 value is more than Rs. 10,00,000 because when I was started my own business, I was Rupee 1 as capital which had given by my father. It was the foundation where is sitting whole my business building. I am ready to loss Rs. 10,00,000 but I can not loss Rs. 1 because same Rs. 1 has taught to earn 10 times of Rs. 10,00,000. If I had faced Loss of my total capital of Rs. 1 in the beginning of my business. I never reach at position what I am today. So, Still today, I love and respect my old but gold Rs. 1.

 So, you should love and trust in the Rs. 1 capital ( small but hard earned by you and your parent) if you are starting your own business. Without a single drop of water, there is no ocean in this world.


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